♬ Balance microphone input and 2 ways stereo input.

♬ High quality,low noises microphone input.

♬ Low noises pre-amplifier,with strong anti-interference ability.

♬ Every Microphone input are equipped with+48V eidolon power supply.

♬ Equipped with signal insert point(connect outside processor).

♬ 3 brands lntermediate frequency scan EQ.UK style.

♬ 2 sets AUX assistant output,can be chosen as PRE-F(return) or PST-F(connect outside processor). 

♬ Use 16 types digital display delay numeral effects.

♬ 100mm travel high analytical clipper.

Technical Specifications

Noise: -85dBu

THD: 0.005% 

Channel cross-talk degree of decay: -80dBu

Frequency Response:20Hz-60KHz±1dB

Microphone input impedance: 2.4KΩ

Mono channel input impedance: 11KΩ

Stereo channel input impedance: 100KΩ

Output: 75Ω

Consume Power: 35W

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