LPS-800 / LPS-1500 / LPS-2500


♬  Class H circuit improvesthe power amplifier efficiency & stability and decrease temperature inoperation.

♬  Usingthe large capacity filter capacitance, high quality ring transformer, magneticflux leakage of high quality audio power output tube, large radiator andtemperature control of multiple variable speed cooling fans, to guarantee the poweramplifier working in the best condition.

♬  Equippedwith pressure limit protection, dc output protection, output short circuitprotection, starting-up and shutdown impulse current protection and temperatureprotection, and other perfect protection circuit to ensure a sound system ismore safe and reliable.

♬  Themachine set in stereo, mono, bridge switch, grounding, select switch, floatswitch and sensitivity (sensitivity switch can choose respectively: 1.44 V, 1.0V, 0.7 V)

♬  Avariety of work level indicator light , the power amplifier working condition willbe checked clearly.

♬  Equipped with 1/4 jacks earpiece hole and XLR  inputsocket, which can connect the input signal conveniently. Using in accordancewith international safety standards for design of binding post and speakersbolt SPENKON output socket, ensure that the output connections are secure.

♬  Equippedwith stereo bridged-mono and parallel mono and so on the many kindsof input mode, can meet the needs of a variety of different use.

Technical Specifications





Out Power(8Ω)




Out Power(4Ω)




Out Power (BRIDGE) (8Ω)




Output Circuit Type

Class AB

Class AB

Class H

Input Impedance


Frequency Response


THD 20HZ~KHz(8Ω)


Slew Rate


Hum and Noise


Damp Modulus(8Ω)



High/Low Automatism Corlrol


DC Safeguard/out Overloading/Chancroid Sgartup/Boot-Strap Short Test

N Weight/G Weight(Kg)






Power Range

(115V/230V)Can offer different voltage according client's requirement


1This amplifier is noise-free                                                                                                                                                                                       

 When without output connect, the AODA amplifier have no noise evenit turns to the maximal volume. It will increase the quality of your work.


2The amplifier has multiple wiseprotection systems built-in                                                                                                                                  

      The AODA amplifier integrate protect impactfunction of the power soft-start, DC output protect function, longtimeover-heat protect function, and turn on delay function. It can speedy protectthe circuit when the amplifier short circuit and over loading, and won’tintermit the performance.


3The unit has built-in digitalcurrent limiter(crowbar)protection                                                                                                                             

      Why some audio system always is broken thealt? It maybe isn’t the problem of alt, if you choose the wrong amplifier itwill also cause it. The smooth-top distortion of the amplifier not only causethe deterioration of sound, but also the killer of alt. The AODA amplifier usethe input/output comparative circuit. It will cut down the input signal whenthe amplifier going to the distortion state, so it can protect the speakersystem. This function have control by on switch, you can switch on/off to use itor not. It let you have more choice.


4Excellent timbre                                                                                                                                                                                                       

      AODA amplifier have excellent and naturaltimbre either in frequency scan testing or engineering instance. It also havevery good control for the speaker. It have power from 2×200W to 2×1200W, can matchingany sound box.


5The two dual-speed fans switchautomatically to maintain the proper internal operating temperature                                                          

      AODA Amplifier have tunnel heat releasesystem, with high heat output. Every channel have separate winshield fitting,insure the heat can release in time and make the amplifier operating safely.


6The unit has various input/outputconnectors                                                                                                                                                        

      AODA amplifier has various input/outputconnectors, it have three way sensitivity switch for choose level, stereo,bridged-mono, and parallel mono. It can connect the speaker speedy by theprofessional SPEAKON.


7The unit has consummate workingstatus indications including                                                                                                                          

      You can be clear at a glance of the workingstatus through the LED indicator in the front panel of AODA amplifier, and letthe operation more easily.

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