EQ series 2/3 Octave Graphic Equalizer, it use invarableness Q filter, can choose +/- 12dB gain /attenuation, have low-cut filter, avoid the noise cause by low frequency , Protect the bass switch won't be broken by overload. The bypass switch will be easy to compare the effect after EQ, LED display level. And EQ series improve the capability of diatortion and noise Balance/ Unbalance XLR-1-4" input/ output.

Technical Specifications
Frequency Bands                         2×15 2/3 Octave, ISO Spacing
Input                                                RF Filtered Servo-Balanced Input
Input Impedance                          20KΩ Unbalanced 40KΩ Balanced
Output Impedance                       330Ω. Typical
Frequency Response                 20Hz-200KHz, +/-1dB
Noise                                              > -102dB
THD                                                 0.005%
Channel Separation                     Better Than 50dB
Range of Filter Control                 +/-12dB Select
Max. Output Level                          +21dB
AC Voltage                                      100-120/60Hz or 200-240/50Hz VAC Selectable
Dimension                                      482×138×44mm
Packing Dimension                      560×250×95mm

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