The EQ-215XL not only provides standard features like dual channels, 15 2/3 octave bands, ISO frequency meters,土12dB input gain range, and switchable 50Hz/12dB octave lowe-cut filters, but also includes other thoughtful feaures. These features include:20 mm faders; selectable 土6dB or土12dB boost/cut range for precise gain adjustments; XLR, and 1/4" TRS connectors for installation ease; balanced inputs and outputs for quiet operation; and chassis/signal ground lift capabilities for quick hum isolation.

Technical Specifications
ᆞTwo 15-band, 2/3-octave Constant Q frequency bands
ᆞSwitchable boost/ cut ranges of 土6 or 土12dB  
ᆞ12dB per octave, 3dB down @ 50Hz low-cut filter
ᆞFront panel bypass switch
ᆞ土12dB input gain range
ᆞ4-segment LED ladders for monitoring output levels
ᆞXLR and TRS  Inputs and Outputs
ᆞIneternal Toroidal Transformer
ᆞFrequency Respsonse of <10Hz to >50KHz
ᆞDynamic range of greater than 108dB

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