TD series Dedicated Touring Amplifier
1、Unprecedented power density:
------The TD-1400 delivers a total of 14000 W (2 x 7000 W @ 2 ohms) in only 2U.
2、Proven durability in extreme touring conditions.
3、Comprehensive protection and warning —— Excessive output current, DC, high temperature, very high frequency (VHF), short circuit, open load, mains fuse protection, and soft start.
4、Professional Class TD output stages for high efficiency and sonic transparency.
5、All channels bridgeable with automatic -6dB summing compensation.
6、Outputs optimized for load conditions with VPL.
7、Efficient and uniform Intercooler cooling.

Technical Specifications





Max. Output Power

8 ohms per ch. (all ch.'s driven)

2350 W

2000 W

1600 W

4 ohms per ch. (all ch.'s driven)

4400 W

3700 W

3000 W

2 ohms per ch. (all ch.'s driven)

7000 W

5800 W

4500 W

16 ohms Bridged per ch.


3800 W

3200 W

8 ohms Bridged per ch.


7500 W

6000 W

4 ohms Bridged per ch.

14000 W

11500 W

9000 W

THD at 1 kHz and 1 dB below clipping


Signal To Noise Ratio

>112 dBA

Channel separation (Crosstalk) at 1 kHz

>70 dB

Input impedance

20 kOhm

Input Common Mode Rejection, CMR

54 dB

Dimensions (W/H/D)

W: 483 mm (19"), H: 88 mm (2 U), D: 343 mm (13.5")


12 kg (26.4 lbs.)

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